Improve Your Medical Device Strategy With For Profit Hospitals

What is your medical device commercialization strategy in for-profit hospitals? According to the AHA, there were 5,564 registered hospitals in the U.S in 2017. Greater than than 85% (4,892) of these were community hospitals.

  • 2,845 of were nonprofit
  • 1,034 were for-profit
  • 983 were owned by state or local government

That’s greater than 18% of US hospitals operating under a for-profit business plan. While these hospitals may offer the highest level of care, they have a strategic imperative to turn a profit, creating a medical device market segment that requires assessment. In 2014, the average cost per inpatient day for nonprofit hospitals was $2,346. For-profit hospitals operate a substantially lower cost per inpatient day of $1,798. That calculates to $548 per inpatient day. Where is that $548 coming from?

In this article, we assess the changing incentives for surgeons,that are driven by employment status. Hospital administrators want device that reduce the cost of care, including high value to a hospital CEO in getting a bed back one day early. Read more…

How can we help you? Our last three projects were:

  • Medical device strategy development for a legacy product in a commodity space
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