Medi-Vantage President Mentioned in Orthopedic Design Technology Article

In an article titled The Pain Points in Raising Awareness of Medical Technology, Medi-Vantage president, Maria Shepherd, was quoted referencing an article she wrote on neurostimulation implantables.

Writing about the opioid crisis and the opportunity for medical devices to address a gap in patient care for the addicted through raising patient awareness of neurostimulation devices, author Sean Fenske stated: “That brings us to pain management and the opportunity that exists there. One of the major issues with implantable nerve stimulators is not enough patients or their doctors are fully aware of the available technologies or even the conditions for which they can be indicated. Maria Shepherd’s Market Snapshot article covers this topic and provides a quick overview of many of the healthcare concerns that can be addressed with implantable nerve stimulation devices.”

“Another issue Shepherd mentions needing resolution is the design shortcomings of some of these technologies. From size to power source, the technology is not perfect. Then again, neither are the pharmaceuticals being doled out today. The design concerns, however, will be rectified and better products will be made available soon enough. In the meantime, the [medical device] industry can work on the other aforementioned issue—promotion.”

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