Lunch & Learn with Medi-Vantage – Preparing to be Acquired

M2D2 Lunch & Learn @ Tue Sep 10, 2019 11am - 1pm (Free)

Medical device companies are in acquisition mode! Don’t miss lunch and a review of acquisition do’s and don’ts with the Medi-Vantage medtech advisory team.

Medi-Vantage performs due diligence for a number of medical device companies to learn if (and how) the acquisition truly meets all the claims the start-up makes and to assess the true market potential. When helping with fundraising, we help to hone pitch decks and validate assumptions.

Medi-Vantage is an advisory firm supporting global healthcare technology innovators on product, market and business strategy with the goal of optimizing the value of their innovations. Since 2007, Medi-Vantage has worked with >250 companies, helping them through key product decisions, fundraising and strategic transactions like M&A.

Medi-Vantage’s founder and CEO, Maria Shepherd, will present insights from their experience with early stage companies and answer questions.