MedtechVision2017: Best Medtech Strategy Meeting Ever!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I was exhilarated and exhausted after this meeting, I went back to my hotel with the best of intentions to write this medtech women blog, but it took three days to get it written. The sheer value of the content of this meeting…

…and meeting 200 women that feel exactly as I do: If we can’t get acknowledgement by our own industry, let’s change the rules and create our own path to success…

Is Medtech Dead?

  • Humor is not dead in medtech! Laura Parmer-Lohan wore a black hat and veil in her role as the panelist unlucky enough to debate the point; Is Medtech Dead?
  • Kim Bridges Rodriguez, President & CEO, Acessa Health Inc. and Gwen Watanabe, Vice President of Global Corporate Development & Strategy, Teleflex Inc. took more defendable roles.

Opening the Healthcare Tent: Will New Entrants Distract or Disrupt? 

What other meeting has this range of panelists? Kaiser, Walgreens, Siemens Healthineers, and Microsoft – amazing insights on medtech strategy and disruption.

Moderator: Amanda DePalma, VP of Global Marketing, Endologix


  • Sara Kuethe, Head of Global Health and Pharmaceutical Marketing, Microsoft
  • Nikki Gainey, VP, Global Strategy and Business Development, Siemens Healthineers
  • Suzzette Jaskowiak, Senior Director, IT Pharmacy Delivery; Executive Sponsor, Walgreens Women in Technology (WIT)
  • Dr. Jo Carol Hiatt, Chair, National Product Council; Chair, Inter-Regional New Technologies Committee, Kaiser Permanente

Smart Devices and Data in Medtech

This was all about digital health disruption, and believe me, every good traditional medical device should have a disruptive digital component to augment it’s medtech or product development strategy.

Moderator: Leslie Oley, Head of Product, Evidation Health


  • Christine Lemke, President & CoFounder, Evidation Health
  • Asha Nayak, Chief Medical Officer, Intel Corporation
  • Erin Koehler, Director, Software Product, Kinsa

Enabling New Care Paradigms – Outside the Clinic Walls

Stacy Pugh, the moderator was funny and approachable. She managed her panelists well. Two of the panelists had no prior medtech experience, but are disrupting the system anyway….

Moderator: Stacey Pugh, VP and General Manager, Medtronic Neurovascular


  • Leslie Trigg, CEO, Outset Medical
  • Christine Henningsgaard, COO, Hometeam
  • Katie Jaxheimer Agarwal, VP of Operations, Mave

Every woman on the panel was a medtech rockstar in her own right. Medtech CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, VP or C-Suite members. Talk about a group of over-achievers! I tweeted through-out the meeting, but my first tweet said, “I have found my tribe….”

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