The Power of Hospital Administrators and Medexecwomen

Join us!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 will be a great day to attend AdvaMed (the Medtech Conference) to join your peers for the MedExecWomen (powered by AdvaMed WEN) breakfast at 7:30 am. Martha Shadan, serial medtech entrepreneur and CEO of Miach Orthopedics will speak, but the real agenda is networking for medical device executive women. 

Stick around to attend a panel at 11 am the same day as three healthcare administrators from an accountable care organization (ACO) in Connecticut will take the stage at Advamed in a panel called: What do Healthcare Administrators Really Want?

The table stakes just changed for ACOs. Until recently, ACOs covered only 10 % of US covered lives. North Carolina is changing that with a bold new move to transform how their health care is specified and reimbursed. NC wants to topple the fee-for-service model and pay healthcare providers based on outcomes.

The program has been created by NC, BCBS and Duke University. In it, new contracts are being created, based on the ACO model. The plan seeks to empower primary care physicians and remove as many of the time consuming aspects of providing medical care today, like endless phone calls to payers to approve procedures.

It remains to be seen if this new move will boost ACO participation above 10%. Join us to learn more about why these programs will affect your medical device business and how you can use this information to create better medical devices and help your physician base thrive in ACO space.