Trends in Drug Delivery Devices – Robust Change Medtech Should Track

Drug delivery devices are a critical component in the delivery of healthcare. Important market segments include diabetic drug, needle-free drug delivery and the newly emerging #smartdevice.

Ideally, drug delivery devices should be biocompatible, inert and inexpensive, safe from accidental release, easy to manufacture and sterilize, and mechanically strong. If designed to be implanted, the ideal implantable would be able to be continuously monitored, with telemetric data streaming to allow physician intervention when needed.

Why This is Important

The drug delivery device market is a large segment of the overall medical device market. The injectable drug delivery market is forecasted to grow to $574 billion by 2020[1], roughly 38% of the overall drug delivery technology market which is estimated to be worth $1,504.7 billion[2]. Projections from IMS place the market for oral delivery technology at ~54% of the total market[3].

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