Helping medtech companies form strategies and make critical decisions since 2007


Our medtech clients tell us that our comprehensive industry experience in medical devices is a significant asset in their strategy research.

That's why I've spent the past decade bringing together a group of medtech subject matter experts. Your company deserves to benefit from every opportunity it has for strategic growth.

-Maria Shepherd, President & CEO


Medical Devices

Our subject matter expert teams help clients respond to industry and market factors that create strategic uncertainty or opportunity for medical device companies.

Digital Healthcare

We help healthcare IT service providers, hospital IT, clinicians and patients steer through the complexities of the digital healthcare ecosystem as it intersects with medtech and diagnostics.


We work with your team on innovation and strategy for  diagnostic technology in biomarkers, imaging technology, instrumentation, software, and reagents.


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Evolving from Supplier to Partner
Maria Shepherd, Medi-Vantage President, will be moderating a panel with with Irena Cantrall - Medtronic, Elyse Blazevich, Securisyn

MedtechVision 2018
Maria says this meeting is one of the most powerful medical device strategy meetings she has ever attended...

The Medtech Conference
The Medtech Conference, (AdvaMed) is in Philadelphia this year and has over 3.000 attendees from >30 countries. A must-attend for all medtech executives!


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