Will Surgeons Lacking Robotic Surgery Skills Become Obsolete?

A few as 8 years ago, many medtech strategists (with experience presenting to the Value Analysis Committee) said it couldn’t be done. Robots and their high priced accessories could not be sold at the enormous price premium Intuitive Surgical commands. Since then Intuitive Surgical has had several years of profitable growth and have returned to their original value proposition. They claim that they have surpassed 5 million surgeries by expanding the value of minimally invasive surgery, through innovation such as integrated systems and single port technology. Their goal is to continue to re-invent minimally invasive surgical solutions that decrease variability in surgery and improve patient outcomes at the same time.

The Infinite ROI Potential of Medtech Human Factors Usability Testing

While there is no specific data that provides ROI on medical device human factors usability testing, there is plenty of applicable data for usability testing across multiple industries.

There are plenty of business best practices reasons to perform human factor usability testing because there is a great return on investment for medical device companies. in terms of Medtech Product Development Benefits (Faster Development/Rapid Prototyping) and Commercialization….Read more