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Medical device companies want to increase their value by providing products and services for providers, hospitals, patients, and ultimately payers, but the information required to accomplish this goal is difficult to gather.  Let our team guide you through these challenges. 

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Human Factors usability testing

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Medtech marketing outsourcing


Why Medi-Vantage:

Medtech clients come to Medi-Vantage to go beyond general strategy consulting. They enlist our expertise in improving outcomes, reducing costs, and simplifying healthcare delivery. Whether you’re in need of technical consulting or medical device go-to-market research, we can help get your product where it needs to be.


What clients say we help them achieve:

  • Strategic advantage in our fiercely competitive market

  • Ease-of-use to help clients differentiate their products from the competition

  • Compliance with FDA/global human factors standards

  • Higher user satisfaction and lower post-marketing support expense

  • Shorter regulatory clearance times by pro-actively addressing the factors that cause regulatory approval delay

  • Improved usability testing/validation study outcomes

  • A decrease in user training/support costs


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