Personalized Medicine/Companion Diagnostics Job Mapping Strategy Research

The continuum of care for therapy and diagnostics can vary substantially by country. Our client needed to develop a global product strategy in partnership with a biopharma company with a novel product for a specific disease state around the role of their companion diagnostic system.


Our client, the manufacturer of companion diagnostic systems, was partnering with a biopharma company and needed to co-develop country-specific strategic roadmaps that would easily and efficiently enable treatment of patients for the indication.

Strategy Questions

  • Recognizing that the continuum of care for each country can differ substantially, assess how laboratories are organized in each targeted country. What are the referral patterns for diagnostic tests, and what infrastructure exists for distribution between hospitals and clinical laboratories?
  • What is the prevalence of the disease state by country and the current level of diagnostic testing?
  • What technologies are currently used to perform diagnostic testing today for the indication, by targeted country?
  • What are the unmet needs and obstacles to performing diagnostic testing for all patients or earlier in the treatment paradigm?
  • What future shifts are anticipated for treatment of this disease state?
    • Which direct or indirect competitive diagnostic technologies or new biopharma technologies could emerge in the near and long term for this indication?

Medi-Vantage Methodology

Assess current diagnostics systems penetration and laboratory infrastructure by targeted countries. Prioritize countries by assessing market attractiveness, demand for diagnostics and patient access.

By country, the Medi-Vantage team analyzed the “chain reaction” of decision making and the multiple steps required to optimize medication levels for the patient. We developed a strategic plan for each country with detailed tactical plans to ensure access to demand for testing.


Medi-Vantage created customized strategic roadmaps and tactical plans for optimizing the treatment in the US and selected European and Asian countries. Ongoing support for the client has been provided to increase penetration for the treatment in targeted countries utilizing clinical lab/medical education and patient education, where appropriate.