Product Development Decision Support Research – Connectivity for Software Based Medical Devices

Our team helped a client define their connectivity strategy in the face of the complex, rapidly changing world of the EMR.


A cardiovascular client with several divisions that supply software based products needed to understand best practices in connectivity.

Strategy Questions

  • How soon will the rapid adoption of health IT impact our category and medical specialty?
  • Are there opportunities to differentiate our product that will sustain market share and our price premium?
  • Which electronic medical record and connectivity vendors are leading in our space?
  • Which IT providers will survive/prosper in this market over the next 5-10 years?
  • What are the best practices for a software-based medtech company?

Medi-Vantage Methodology

In-depth interviews and analysis with decision makers, clinicians, Health IT vendors and other, non-competitive software-based medical device companies from Medi-Vantage’s extensive network of former colleagues and friends.


  • A precise roadmap for marketing and engineering with leading IT vendors was identified.
  • Recommendation: for connectivity purposes, de-centralize divisional efforts. Join forces to:
    • Form enterprise-level IT vendor partnerships
    • Improve company best practices in connectivity
    • Reduce cost of connectivity