Product Use Mapping Strategy Research

Our team analyzed the “chain reaction” of decision making and multiple steps required to get their product selected and to stay ahead of their competitors by meeting a well-selected group of unmet needs.


A large medical device company needed to understand the changing requirements of drug delivery devices as clinical care transitions from the hospital to an at-home setting.

Strategy Questions

  • How will the market segment over the next 5-10 years?
  • How does the company position these products for successful commercialization in the interim where reimbursement is not provided?
  • How do we create a next generation of products that exceed customer expectations and provide measurable savings to healthcare institutions?
  • What are the obstacles to growth and what strategies and tactics can be applied to eliminate them?

Medi-Vantage Methodology

In-depth interviews and analysis with decision makers, product users and patients.


“Medi-Vantage showed us our customers unmet needs, helped us build competitive advantage and profitability in product development.  Medi-Vantage educated our team by arranging on-site medical facility visits for marketing/engineering team. Together, we videotaped clinical workflow, all within HIPAA regulations.”

- VP of Marketing, Drug Delivery Therapy Solutions