Our Life Sciences Products Expertise

Annual global demand for laboratory equipment and scientific supplies was estimated at $36.2 B in 2015 with a US market CAGR of approximately 3%.  An upgraded version of many lab products are utilized downstream in the the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, creating an ongoing chain of profitability.

Market Research

  • Product Lifecycle Management, Launch, Commercialization, Limited Market Release
  • Market Assessment/ Forecasting
  • Online Surveys
  • Clinician/Hosp. Admin./Patient Focus Groups/ In-Depth Interviews
  • Value Proposition / Branding / Advertising / Messaging / Positioning
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Product Utilization/ Awareness

Medical Marketing Outsourcing

  • Marketing Support for Start-Ups
  • Value Proposition, Messaging, Brand Development 
  • Medical marketing plans, strategy and execution
  • Whitepapers, press releases, website content development
  • Articles, blogs, newsletters, inbound marketing and advertising
  • Podium and publication plans
  • Video, multimedia, digital media
  • Tradeshow management